Snapshots with a story

Surprise and wonder are my inspiration. In photographing, thoughts emerge. In collecting photographs, a story emerges. The photographs tell the visual story. The text reveals the thought process behind it. Enjoy Snaptales!
Heleen Verschuren




Benches – the story

I began photographing outdoor benches over 40 years ago. Surprise and wonder were my inspiration. Surprise about the variety and charm of benches, the view they offered, or unexpected elements in that view. Wonder about benches placed in a front yard with a view of parked cars. Or about the type of bench and its place in urban surroundings, and the designers’ and local authorities’ thought process behind this.

Heleen-Verschuren foto 01 klein jos heijnen

Heleen Verschuren

I am interested in product design, behaviour, and social processes. There exists a relationship between these things. My mental and visual antenna is directed towards signs of cracks and fissures in that relationship. I photograph these for their minimal, surprising, comical,  or estranging effect. My inquisitive mind cannot help but think about the meaning of those signals. That combination of seeing and thinking gives me pleasure, which I like to share.

The picture collections on this website reflect my way of looking at things and human behavior. "Benches" is the first collection. More collections are – slowly but surely – in the making.


Contributing to Snaptales

Do you have a picture that simply has to appear in a collection on Snaptales? Send your picture to heleen@snaptales.nl I would like it if the collections were to grow in this way. Make sure to read the section below on rights and claims.

Cost of placement

The placement of photos is free, but a voluntary contribution to the maintenance of the website will be highly appreciated. You can transfer your contribution to NL52INGB0001140580 in the name of H.C. Verschuren, citing 'Snaptales'. Thank you very much!

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